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■原産国:インドネシア バリ島

■サイズ(Cm)約W 27 x D 11 x H 33


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40 Years of Progress

2022 marks 40 years since the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation and its predecessor organization began funding research. It’s a moment in time to reflect on the many people whose passion, like Christopher’s, inspire our mission, Today’s Care. Tomorrow’s Cure. Their belief in the Foundation’s work has made 40 years of progress possible. Today, with our Reeve torch ablaze, we carry forward the flame of passion that is catapulting us toward long-awaited cures.

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COVID-19 & SCI Resource Center

★スーパーセール対象商品★ ガルーダとヴィシュヌ神の木彫りの置物 高さ 33cm 【バリ島直輸入 バリ雑貨 アジアン雑貨 彫刻 魔除け 民族 オブジェ エスニック お土産】

>COVID-19 & SCI Resource Center
Fundraise with Team Reeve
You can help us make a difference. Turn your passion into a mission to help others: a race, a bake sale - anything goes! Fundraise with Team Reeve to move us closer towards cures for paralysis.
Fundraise with Team Reeve
So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable. - Christopher Reeve
Dana and Christopher Reeve

★スーパーセール対象商品★ ガルーダとヴィシュヌ神の木彫りの置物 高さ 33cm 【バリ島直輸入 バリ雑貨 アジアン雑貨 彫刻 魔除け 民族 オブジェ エスニック お土産】

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Find resources and organizations that support people living with paralysis.