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Interior design service

Designing your space

We help you create a personal home with our comprehensive in home or store Interior Design service. Interior designers incorporate interior decoration ideas, home accessories and more to craft a unique style for your home.

Personalized to your needs

Personalized to your needs

Our furniture can be personalised exactly to your needs and taste in a spectrum of beautiful colours and materials perfectly coordinated so your look is consistently carried through in your home. Aniline leather, felt, velvet, oak, walnut, chrome, and steel - We combine materials and surfaces in beautiful, custom compositions that highlight the designs from Danish designers and world famous international designers to create personal design expressions.

Visit us in store

Visit us in store

Come visit us in store and see our wide range of multifunctional design furniture, and get professional advice about modern living and interior design. The furniture stores showcase our Scandinavian furniture range and inspires you with the latest Nordic style and design. The store staff and interior designers help you find the perfect style to match your personality and your home decor.